Moving your immobility

The virtual world services dealing with internet, such as construction and virtual tours, website design and construction, aerial, domain domain name, making 3d animation. Below you can find more detail about our products and our departments. Virtual Tour. The virtual tour is a new technique applied to three-dimensional photorealistic illustration of various sites. Perfect for the show hotels, banquet facilities, Locality Names, museums. Through virtual browser user is given the impression that in the center of the area and can travel in any direction he wishes. In the picture 360 ​​degrees there darts (hotspots) with which the user can be transferred to the next room to have a complete and comprehensive view of the whole area. The virtual tour photography by creating spherical 360x360 degrees. It is also extremely simple and understandable to use for any user. Each virtual tour can contain multiple images depending on the needs of each space. The volume of each photograph after treatment does not exceed 300kb, which makes it extremely fast to load. The virtual tour can be presented in the colors and design that the user will show us. Fits full screen, with very high resolution and clarity on any screen to 42inches. The window of virtual tours easily adapts to any page on the internet with a Link, or a new window pop up. The technology used is flash the java. Apart from this new technology to be implemented by our company of those who report the three-dimensional representation of space is the pano walker. H application gives the user the illusion is that while both types of media space can walk. The technical characteristics are identical for the previous photo 360x360.